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Our top property investment tips! Are you looking to purchase your first BTL?

Thursday, 26 September 2019

1 Look to purchase in areas that are up and coming.  Always try and forecast what the area will be like in a few years from now.

2 Be aware of your budget.  Setting and getting your finance right is crutial.  If you need any guidance, please you can speak to one of our brokers for assisatnce.

3 Talk to the local experts - they are in the know!  Dont be afraid to ask for advice, the more information you have the better your judgements will be.

4 Protect your capital.  Having a property portfolio that is diverse and offers a good income is essential to ensure that you protect you investment.

5 Money Money Money.  For any BTL business you need a good Accoutant that can offer advice and who can file your tax returns. The last thing you want is the HMRC on your back for unpaid Tax.  We deal with a number of local accountants, so if you need the name of one, please get in touch.

Hope this has been useful.

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