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Consumer Duty

Tuesday, 11 July 2023

Consumer Duty

Why make a Will

Tuesday, 02 February 2021

Why Make a Will? A Will is a document that allows you to pass on your possessions to benefit others, giving you control over what happens to your money, possessions, and property after you die, as well as ensuring your children can be cared for by family or friends. Providing for your loved ones Many people do not thoroughly plan for the future and often assume their possessions will simply pass automatically to their ‘next of kin’. Often, people believe their assets are too insignificant to need a formal arrangement or legal guidance. But if you die without having made a Will, the intestacy rules apply (in accordance with the law in England and Wales). The only certain way to ensure that your spouse, partner or relative inherits what you intend is by making a Will. At present, the intestacy rules do not recognise co-habitees who are unmarried and not in a Civil Partnership. Therefore, if you live with your partner and die without having made a Will, your partner will not automatically inherit any of your estate. The estate will automatically pass to your surviving family (i.e. children, parents, brothers and sisters) and your partner will have to make a claim on the estate claiming financial dependence if appropriate. If you have children with your partner or from previous relationships, then those children will automatically inherit the estate, and both your partner and your children will have to get separate legal representation in order to fight for a share in the estate. This can be distressing and expensive and is a situation that should be avoided. A Will is all that is needed to ensure that your partner is provided for. Guardians If you have children under the age of 18, you can appoint Legal Guardians to care for them if you die. Before you appoint someone to be a guardian you should check that he or she would be happy to act. You can only do this if you make a Will and without the Will, the Local Authority (council) will have responsibility for placing your child. If you any of this makes you wonder "what would happen with my own situation" - then you need some Will advice. Please drop us an email at and we can help protect your loved ones.

Loca Hero NatWest Awards - finalist 2020

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

So proud to announce that we are a finalist for the NatWest Mortgage Awards - Best Local Hero for Yorkshire & East Yorkshire. Watch this space next month to see if we win


Our top property investment tips! Are you looking to purchase your first BTL?

Thursday, 26 September 2019

1 Look to purchase in areas that are up and coming.  Always try and forecast what the area will be like in a few years from now.

2 Be aware of your budget.  Setting and getting your finance right is crutial.  If you need any guidance, please you can speak to one of our brokers for assisatnce.

3 Talk to the local experts - they are in the know!  Dont be afraid to ask for advice, the more information you have the better your judgements will be.

4 Protect your capital.  Having a property portfolio that is diverse and offers a good income is essential to ensure that you protect you investment.

5 Money Money Money.  For any BTL business you need a good Accoutant that can offer advice and who can file your tax returns. The last thing you want is the HMRC on your back for unpaid Tax.  We deal with a number of local accountants, so if you need the name of one, please get in touch.

Hope this has been useful.


Great article from Martin Lewis! Read if you have child over 16 - they can open an account from as little as £1 and start saving for their first home!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Great article from Martin Lewis! Read if you have child over 16 - they can open an account from as little as £1 and start saving for their first home!

"If you are a first-time buyer aged 16 or over you can open an ISA, but newbies only have until 30 Nov"

"Anyone can get one, as long as you're a first-time buyer or plan to be in the future and frankly even if you've only an inkling you may buy a home, it's worth starting it off"

"You can open one anytime until 30 November 2019 and you'll be able to save in it until 30 November 2029. The bonus will be added as long as you use it for a deposit by 1 December 2030".

"As for what a first-time buyer is – the definition is strict. It's someone who doesn't own and has NEVER owned an interest in a residential property, inside or outside the UK, whether it was bought or inherited"

Top 5 reasons to make a will

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

top 5 reasons to make a will infographic

Top tips for a safe holiday

Thursday, 11 July 2019

We're put together some advice based on our knowledge and experience to keep you, your cash and your property safe and secure while you enjoy your holiday.


Although it's tempting, don't share every detail of your holiday on social media. Information like how long you're away for and where you live could be useful to a thief. Be especially careful on Instagram and Twitter as these posts are visible to everyone, not just your 'friends'. And if you must post on Facebook, check your security settings and make sure your posts are for 'friends only' and not 'public'.


There are many policies out there so shop around for the best one for you. Don't just choose the cheapest - look at what it covers and make sure it's adequate for your needs. Check what countries are covered and consider specialist cover if you're planning high-risk activities like skiing or scuba-diving. If you're planning multiple trips abroad, an annual policy will often work out cheaper


There are several ways to ensure you're not fleeced on holiday. Before you leave, make sure you've upgraded to a chip-and-pin card, as these are more secure. Keep you card with you at all times - not in your hotel room.

Some credit card companies monitor account activity, so notify your card company of your itinerary and ensure your contact details are up to date. Make sure you've written down your card provider's contact number and your account details in case of an emergency, but don't keep this information in your wallet. if the worst happens, report the crime to the police straight away as you'll need this for insurance, and report it to your bank.


It may seem obvious, but once you've started on the sangria, it's easy to neglect sun protection. Skin cancer is a real risk and you should wear sun cream, ideally factor 30, to avoid burning. Even better, wear a wide-brimmed hat - that way you'll avoid premature wrinkles as well as sunburn!

For most your mortgage payment is probably the major monthly outgoing for many households – but when did you last review it?

Thursday, 13 June 2019

For most your mortgage payment is probably the major monthly outgoing for many households – but when did you last review it?
It’s reported that over a third of UK homeowners are currently on a standard variable rate mortgage.

For most your mortgage payment is probably the major monthly outgoing for many households – but when did you last review it? If the Bank of England interest rates increase, for those are currently on a variable rate product could see their mortgage payment increase.

Many of our regular customers have benefitted from us by reviewing their existing arrangements, which is relatively simply to do as we do all the work for you.

Most borrowers like the peace of mind that they are locked into a fixed rate arrangement, so if rates do rise they will be secure in the knowledge that their repayments won’t increase.

For a free initial assessment of your existing arrangements why not call us? The extra money you save could buy you a holiday, extra life insurance or simply make living easier. Life is for living so why not let us manage your finances from the comfort of your own home.

Altogether Financial Solutions Ltd is an Appointed Representative of PRIMIS Mortgage Network. PRIMIS Mortgage Network is a trading name of First Complete Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for mortgages, protection insurance and general insurance products.

There will be a fee for mortgage advice. Our fees and charges vary depending on the Services we provide to you. We typically charge a fee of £495 payable upon completion for a remortgage. For purchases we typically charge a fee of £495 of which £250 is payable upfront and £245 is payable upon completion.



"Perseverance" A great word to describe one of our brokers

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

"Richards works hard for you and has definitely gone 'above and beyond' in our case.  He is always thorough and makes the process as smooth as possible.  We have already recommended to others and will continue to do so".  We were most impressed with our brokers perseverence. 

Happy clients now living in Wales.


Positive about Cancer: Help Jacqui raise a Million

Friday, 17 May 2019

Refer a friend for a mortgage and protection review with us and for every completed case we will donate £100.00 to Jacqui’s Million Campaign. Call us and help make a difference to everyone. 01274 590944

Jaqui’s Story

In 1993, I had successful surgery to remove a small mole from my right leg, which was diagnosed as a Melanoma, and for many years after I was clear of cancer. However, in 2009, a lump appeared in the same place and after numerous tests unfortunately it was a secondary cancer, which is virtually unheard of. Some would say I am extremely unlucky, I say I am blessed as I was referred to the Leeds Cancer Centre, where since that time I have been receiving treatment as my cancer is malignant in stage 4.

Three operations on my leg by the amazing Howard Peach ensured I could keep doing what I do best – dancing and choreographing! In 2011, the Melanoma had spread to my lungs. Oral chemotherapy thankfully kept things at bay for two years, but the tumour in my right lung had escalated to such a degree that in February 2015, again another wonderful surgeon Kostas Papagiannopoulos removed the tumour and also my right lung.

Since then, I have continued with chemotherapy and other drugs for the side effects and although the above sounds devastating I am really positive and living every day to the full. Life expectancy for an “average” person with my condition is usually one year – but as the specialists say “I am not average”... and here I am nine years on! I say “Everyone is terminally ill, it’s just that I’m not getting off at this terminus”. I am still busy living a fun-packed life.

So, Jacqui’s Million is all about raising awareness, positivity and also much needed funds for the Leeds Cancer Centre.

During the time I have spent there as a patient, I have come to see first-hand the tremendous work they do, long hours, low pay, but with an ethos that is truly outstanding – they really are all angels. My goal and legacy is to raise £1 million for the Leeds Cancer Centre, and if I can get one million people to donate just £1 then the job would be done! This money will be used in a variety of ways, but specifically for all cancer patients from children to adults. We all know someone who has cancer or a loved one who has died from this terrible disease and every two minutes in the UK someone else is being diagnosed. So if you can please help me with my appeal as every penny donated does really count.

One day we will beat cancer.


Richard was an absolute legend

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Richard was an absolute legend!  Genuinely cannot thank him and the team for the efforts they made in making my house purchase possible.  I found myself in a difficult situation with my lender and when Richard took over, everything just started falling into place.  I don't think the word NO falls into his vocabulary.  Richard genuinely gets a kick out of helping people and i got that impression after 5 minutes of talking to him.  Highly recommend the team. Will absolutlely use them again.

Great article in the Yorkshire Post - Personal Finance section this weekend

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Yorkshire Post - March 09 2019

Choosing the right place can be crucial for a Buy-to-Let Landlord.

ASIDE FROM your home and buying shares in a property company or fund, there is an excellent alternative way to gain from the rising value in bricks and mortar. Using your judgment for an aspiring district and selecting a site which will appeal to the right tenants can be a successful investment formula.

'Buy to let' (BTL) is now an established savings vehicle. Hamptons International calculate that £59.1bn was paid in rent last year, even though average rents rose only 0.4 per cent. Its monthly index is based on 90,000 properties let and managed by Countrywide, the UK’s largest estate agency chain.

Read full article

news 2019 03 12


Explore the remortgage route

Friday, 22 February 2019

news 2019 02 22

Read our very welcomed Google reviews!

Thursday, 14 February 2019

We are recieving some fabulous Googles review, to view them simply click here!

"This team are unbelievable"

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

"This team is unbelievable!".  The help and advice they provided me was a absolutely fantastic.  Richard Willan went the extra mile in helping me, me and my partner couldn't be more grateful.  Highly remommend them". 

Great testimonial from happy clients in Baildon, West Yorkshire.



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